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She has always hated Cheaters. Period. 'Nuff said there.  

Erika Kathryn has her Bachelor’s Degree from East Carolina University. You can hardly find her nowadays without her precious laptop or mini-me-daughter nearby.  

The idea for BLOGS OF A CHEATER EATER came to her when she was pregnant with her daughter and she wrote the entire manuscript within 6 months time (before little Kathryn Kay was born).

She has written all three fantasy novels in THE ANGEL ARCHIVES Trilogy, as well as the romantic adventure novel THE LAVA LORD (contracted by Black Opal Books and soon to be released). She has several other novels in the works! And currently adding to the list of books in the AUDIE THE ANGEL Series. 

She has also written a few feature-length movie screenplays (Ghouldilocks, Unscripted Love, and The Sight Saint). Her new creative outlet is creating the book jackets for her work to be showcased in. 

From Chapel Hill, North Carolina - she currently resides near Chicago, Illinois. She hates Chicago's winters almost as much as she hates Cheaters. 

You can find her on GoodReads, Facebook, Twitter (@kathryn_erika), and her WEBSITE: www.audietheangel.com

Feel free to contact her at: audietheangel@gmail.com or visit her BLONDE BOOKIE BLOG at www.blondebookie.blogspot.com, where she does book and product reviews, author interviews, author advice, book updates, and more!

Erika & her Mini-Me

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